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Mission Statement



The Grace Foundation USA is a community-based organization that is dedicated to helping provide health and wellness funds, resources, education, housing and mentorship to young adults who have survived homelessness in childhood.


Childhood homelessness is a national epidemic that causes long term effects within our community. An alarming number of these children who grow up as either wards of the state, foster children, or children with extremely at risk families become homeless in early adulthood. You Can Help Us!


Donating your time and money aids us in educating the public as well as housing and educating homeless youth, thereby connecting everyone with the knowledge and tools to end homelessness in young adult survivors. 


The Grace Foundation USA's Mission is to bridge the gap that exists between organizations that serve the underage homeless, and the young adults who are attempting to grow within this system. In most cases, the existing system can no longer support them. We are committed to helping these young adults continue to grow and flourish, to create a sustainable life with a positive direction.


Did you know that...

    • In 2011, more than 26,000 children in foster care aged out of the system.
    • Without family or any other dependable adults to rely on for assistance, these young people are at high risk of homelessness, joblessness, illness, incarceration, welfare dependency, early childbearing, and sexual and physical victimization.
    • 30-62 percent had trouble accessing health care due to inadequate finances or lack of insurance
    • 32-40 percent were forced to rely on some form of public assistance and 50 percent experienced extreme financial hardship
    • 40-60 percent of the young women were pregnant within 12-18 months of leaving foster care.

The AFCARS Report


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The Grace Foundation USA is a pending 501(c)3 non-profit orgainzation currently operating under the auspices of the Austin Commpunity Foundation